Roseharty is in the vacinity of over 15 ship wreck sites, which will be of interest to divers. Here are a couple of descriptions from the site below.


Fram (Bow & Stern Sections)

This is a superb dive, with 20m visibility not unusual, even if you dont get it that good it is still an excellent dive. Lots of big fish, lobsters & octopus are ever present; seals also are to be seen around the wreck. Lying on a sandy bottom in Aberdour Bay 2 miles out of Rosehearty, this Swedish steam ship was torpedoed in 1940 while at anchor. The bow section sank where it was anchored but the stern section drifted 1.5 miles before sinking. The stern section was found in 1976 but the bows were only discovered in 1995.  Access to the stern section can be easily gained which can be best describe as an aquarium, round the prop & rudder also proves to be a very rewarding sight. Moving forward it has collapsed but still retains a ship shape appearance. The occasional porthole is still to be found here, as I know of one being found recently.



A well broken up wreck with a big boiler a couple of miles West of Rosehearty, which ran aground in 1915. Visibility can range from 1-20m with 8-10m the norm. Lots of wrasse, lobster & octopus seen here and occasionally the odd seal to be seen underwater but lots hang around on the surface. It is a sheltered site so usually divable most of the time. 



5 miles West of Rosehearty this area is fairly large & very nice with lots to explore, always lots of seals here, visibility on this corner is usually very good too when it may not be not so good nearby. It is only accessible by boat.